9 Benefits of Engineering Grass for Health

Hasil gambar untuk manfaat rumput teki

For those who love the world of gardening and also have a hobby of gardening must have often encountered this type of grass. Yes, grass puzzles. Grass puzzle is one type of grass that is often considered disturbing, because it can absorb nutrients that should be taken by plants and also grass that we care in our yard.

The benefits of grass Not only in the yard of the house, even in the gardens of teki grass is one kind of weed that is very disturbing and many eradicated by the way weeded and also pulled out. Nevertheless, although it is often weeded, it turns out grass teki still grow continuously.

Grass teki or who has the scientific name Cyperus Rotondus this turned out to have several benefits. Although often blamed as one kind of weed that troublesome, but it turns out grass teki can be useful for human health. Especially become one kind of herbal treatment

What are the benefits of grass?

Part of the grass that is often used as an herbal remedy is usually the bulb part of the grass teki. What are the benefits for health and also for herbal treatment? Here are the benefits of grass:

1. Can cure bladder stones

The benefits of grass for our health is to cure bladder stones. Apparently, the bulbs of this puzzle grass when properly boiled and processed can help cure bladder stones. Bladder sting is a symptom in which the urethra is retained by clotting and crystallization of the impurities. This disorder will inhibit the urinary tract.

Here’s how to cultivate the bulbs from the grass teki to treat bladder stones:

Prepare the bulbs from the grass teki, then wash
Blend the wheat grass, then boil until boiling
Drink the results of the grass jug stump regularly until the stone urine symptoms disappear

2. Can improve menstrual cycle

Tubers from the grass teki was also very useful to improve the menstrual cycle or menstruation in women. Many of today’s women experience problems with their menstrual cycles, because of various things, such as stress, unhealthy diet and many other things that can disrupt menstrual or menstrual cycles.

Well, for those of you who have a menstrual cycle that is disturbed, try to drink the herb from the potion of this teki grass. How to make it quite easy just like making herbs to cure urinary stone above.

3. Streamlining defecation

Another important benefit of bulb grass is to digestion problems. One of the most common problems of digestion is difficulty defecating, and bowel movements are hard and not smooth, and often experience abdominal pain. Well, with the existence of herbal remedies derived from this puzzle grass, then guaranteed, your digestive conditions can be better, so it can help launch a bowel movement.

4. Accelerate blood clotting process

Another important benefit of grass and puzzle grass is to speed up the blood clotting process and can also help heal new wounds. When you fall and are also injured, the grass can become a mainstay to help speed up the healing of your wounds, as it can help the blood clotting process.

The way is quite easy, you can stick grass teki on the injured part of the body, then wait until the wound feels dry, then wash by using clean water.

5. Can stimulate milk production
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For you a mother who is breastfeeding, grass teki and also the grass teki tuber has a very good benefit to help stimulate milk production. The benefits of grass for health and also tubers will help increase the amount of breast milk, so the baby will not experience nutritional deficiencies.

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